Once upon a time in the province of Cavite. There lived a guy ( residing in Tanza ) who's             struggling on heavy traffic from Bacoor ( SM Bacoor - Starting Point  ) going to R1 Expressway ( Coastal Rd. ). He's studying in Manila and usually woke up at 6:oo am and travel after an hour or two to go to his school. His class  starts at 8:00am and ends  at 5:00pm. These said times are often called rush hour due to the vast amount of vehicles going to east, south, west, north, Manila, Cavite, and so on.
Traveling for him is really a big sacrifice. He cannot balance the time and cannot find any ways to fasten his travel because of the said reasons .
" The heck, standing in the bus again...... and Wow! 30 min. up to 1 hour standing  but the bus isn't moving. I'm tired and I want to sleep and I want to sit down, but I can't."
These words are always come up on his mind every now and then.
One day, he notices that lots of construction vehicles are doing something weird at the end of the expressway ( Longos, Bacoor ).
Because of the rumors that somehow the government's planning to build a new LRT or MRT going to Cavite, on the first and 2nd day of wondering, he keep on thinking...." what are they doing? Maybe they are starting to build a new railroad."
But his expectation isn't going to happen because the government is planning to extend the R1 expressway which soon will be called CAVITEX and not an MRT or LRT maybe because they will try to build it soon!
After  many years of waiting. At last the extension is finish! CAVITEX is open to all vehicle that goes forth and back from Manila to Cavite!
By the way! Bus drivers always call the  R1 Extension or Cavitex as SKYWAY!
So if you ride a bus, ask them if they will pass through SKYWAY ( Cavitex ) if you plan to go to Manila fast.
Now the guy in this story is very happy that he can easily travel from Cavite to Manila and From Manila to Cavite.

Daan na sa Cavitex!

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