My visit to Tahanang walang hagdan ( House with no steps ) - Tagaytay

Let me share to my experience the first time I visit a place for a charity mission together with my friends from BNP (Banal na Pagaaral).

This was happened last February 2010.
Since my blog is just a a few weeks old.  My friend told me to write about the charity mission we've visited last year and this is about our journey to (Tahanang walang hagdan) House with no steps in Tagaytay.
I am very excited to see what's in  Tahanang walang hagdan.  I'm the one who drove the car that day. When we get there, I saw a lot of cars parked in front of a small rest house type which seems to be the Tahanang walang hagdan.
As we get off the car.We saw a group of  orphans sitting on their wheelchairs and some are lying on their bed. They are smiling to all of their visitors and some of them are waving their hands to say hi.
They are so nice and you can see in their smile that they are very happy for our visit. A group of children from different areas in BNP presented song and dance portion for the orphans in Tahanang walang hagdan which makes these orphans happier. All of the visitors presented food, donate money for the foundation.
It's very touching and heart warming to see them smiling. That for just one day they'll able to feel that there are people who love to see them and play for them.
Thank you to Tahanang walang hagdan Organization for this advocacy. Thank you for taking good care of them.

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