Aeta Tribe at Sitio Target, Clark, Pampangga

My trip to Sitio Target, Somewhere outside Clark, Pampangga ( April 9, 2013 )

Sapang Bato Elementary School- Annex ( Sitio Target)
           My boss told me that we are going to Sitio Target. I honestly don't know where the place is, but in my mind I think it's a nice place. A place where I can start making new story. A story that need to be published and tell everyone that there is a place called "Sitio Target". I arrived at 4:30am to Sir Gabe's house. Sir Gabe is a Rotarian and goes in different places to help those who needed help ( I drive for him ). We exactly left his place at 4:45am and headed to Bluewave at Macapagal Boulevard to meet another Rotarian ( Elen ). He told me that we will left his car at Bluewave Parking Area and we will use the car of Ma'am Elen going to Sitio Target. We arrived at Bluewave at 5:15am and waited around 5 minutes to Ma'am Elen. As she arrives we started our trip. I ask her where Sitio Target is, and she said that she doesn't exactly know where it is but she just knew that it's located somewhere in Clark.
Aeta Kids 
Aeta Kid w/ Langka
       From Bluewave, we pass through EDSA to NLEX and exited to Angeles City, Pampangga in less than two hours. I ask for the direction to a guard on Clark Free Port Zone Gate where Sitio Target is. I followed  the direction which the Guard said and at last we arrived to Sitio Target at 8:50am.

        The road going to Sitio Target is a bit risky. It's not yet developed that's why the road is really rough.
 As I get off the car, I saw Aeta kids running and playing. They are so cute. Some wear slippers and some of them don't wear.

       I don't know the history of this place but I think these Aetas  are came from Mt. Pinatubo. After the great Mt. Pinatubo eruption they move in this place and started living here and soon discovered, visited by GK ( Gawad Kalinga ). Gawad Kalinga as we all know, they are NGO's who offer helps and services to homeless people. They build houses for these tribe and give hope to them. Thank you GK!
       And in time Rotary International, Districts, Clubs in the Philippines also offer services to Aeta tribe. Now I understand that the reason why we went there is because they introduce their potable water project to Aeta tribe. For them to have clean water to drink. Thak you Rotary!

      Many institution also shared different project to these Aeta Tribe.Thank you!

See some pictures of Aeta Tribe.


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