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Double Dragon (1994)

1994 live-action film based on the video game developed by Technōs Japan and distributed in North America and Europe by Taito. Originally an arcade game which turnes into a film in 1994.

Release dates: November 4, 1994
Earned $2.3 million box office.

Two brothers have half of a powerful ancient Chinese talisman. An evil gang leader has the other half, and determines to get the brothers' half and have a complete medallion so he can gain absolute power.- IMDB

Distributed by: Gramercy Pictures
Directed by: James Yukich
Written by: Michael Davis. Peter Gould
Based on: Double Dragon by Technōs Japan
Robert Patrick as Koga Shuko/Victor Guisman
Mark Dacascos as Jimmy Lee
Scott Wolf as Billy Lee
Julia Nickson as Linda Lash
Kristina Wagner as 'Lash'
John Mallory Asher
Leon Russom
Alyssa Milanoas 'Marian'

How fun watching this video game adaption in 1994? Watch its trailer to refresh your mind that sometime in 1994 this game you played  became a film.

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