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Hi there pal. Are you aware that you can earn an extra money at the comfort of your home? If your answer is "YES", then, congratulations, just keep going on, but please, try to scroll down and appreciate reading this article. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you to take time reading this article.

Let me start by telling you my personal story on how I discovered and finally took the journey on how to earn money online.

I am one of the many people who aren't aware that there are ways to earn money online by doing specific jobs. When I started learning some basic things about computer and learned exploring the world wide web, I started becoming obsessed on being online. I was amazed and amused by how the internet works and what it offers. When I have homework, aside from my book, I usually get answers on the internet and do my research there. These obsession of mine leads me to becoming curious one day when I opened an article about ways to earn money online. Out of my curiosity, I never stopped searching different websites that offers making money online.

I'm a computer savvy and a frustrated writer and blogger. I was able to try different ways to earn an extra income using the internet. I have a full time job working in a BPO company now and earning an above average wage every month. My monthly salary helped me survive with my everyday needs and payments for my house rental and monthly bills. I wasn't able to save enough money due to the cost of living. It takes a month or two for me to be able to buy things that I want. Sometimes, I need to make a tough decision before using my savings on buying something that I want. I had to choose between "savings or buy things that I want". Ever since I started working and earning salary with my jobs, these two choices seems always to be present every time I have to decide. Later on, because of those circumstances and my urge to earn extra income, I started joining different websites that offers money making online such us PTC, Paid to read emails, surveys, crowd sourcing and many more. I even joined some scam sites due to my desperation in earning an extra money.

Now, I am proud to introduce with you, readers, that I have finally found some sites that  offers real job which will pay you real money. These sites are 100% legit. For you, first timers who wants to earn, I recommend you the websites which I registered with and it's listed below.

Prolific Academic

Similar to survey sites like GlobalTestMarket, SurveySavvy, SurveyMonkey and etc.
Prolific Academic a give you reward for participating on a study. More studies are awaiting. I have made a review aboit Prolific Academic and you can also see some screenshots, payment proof and how the study works. Click on the link below.

Prolific Academic Review


A crowd-souring site which is more similar to mturk. Jobs here are simple and easy. This site does not let you do jobs such as "Facebook likes, Watch youtube, SignUp and so on". 

Jobs at clickworker are more similar like those at mturk. From TEXT CREATION, EDITING, WEB RESEARCH, DATA TAGGING and DATA CATEGORIZATION, you will really feel that you are working in a private company and doing data entry at the comfort of your home. You can check out their website, read FAQ's and explore how it works.
Personally I was able to earn a decent amount working here.  My first job at clickworker was Data Categorization and I earn EUR 0.01 for every successful hit in just a second. I usually earn EUR 2 to EUR 4 in 1 hour. Not bad, Right? Clickworker Link
Similar sites I know are mturk, crowdtap, cloudcrowd, microworkers, jobbboy, taskrabit, fiverr etc.

Similar sites:

and many more... Just google them...


For writers out there check out Hubpages. A user generated and revenue sharing website. If you love writing then this site is definitely the best place for you. You write quality articles, Hubpages will check it,  get published and start earning. As simple as that.

Take note that that there are minimum numbers of articles that needed to be published and featured for you to start earning.
Check out their site and read their FAQ. Hubpages Link
Similar site I know are infobarrel, iwriter, writers.ph, etc.


This site will get you rewarded for every time you interact with other users by asking questions and commenting. Also  you will able to get rewarded if you  do Offers, Daily Poll, Watch Videos, Paths and doing Surveys. Easy, exciting and not totally boring.  When you earned enough point you can redeem it and exchange it to Amazon Gift Card, Membership or Paypal. See it for yourself.  Chatabout Link 
Similar site I know is Mylot.


Well, from Odesk to Upwork, and even though platform changed a bit, the way Upwork offer its workers to earn money never changed. You search for job that you think you can do or interests you, bid, wait for the bidder to choose/qualify you, start working and earn. Upwork Link
Similar sites I know are freelancer.com, peopleperhour etc.

PTC (Paid to Click)

There are a lot of PTC sites you can signup with.

PTC (Paid to Click) sites offers you cents by clicking an advertisements that you can see on their websites. After​ ​clicking an advertisement, there was a count down timer and you need to wait until​ it ​ drops to zero. The money will automatically credited to your account when the timer stops. The money you can earn usually ranges from $0.001-5  (usually ​legit sites offer​ed​). If you want to earn higher cents they have this thing called premium user, silver, gold and etc. but you need to pay for this one to get the benefit of earning higher amount of money. You can also earn commissions with your referrals. PTC sites sets a minimum payout from $2 and up. I received my first payout with Trekpay (website closed). I've received $5 from them and paid me through my Paypal. I've never been so happy in my life when I saw $5 on my Paypal account from​ ​Trekpay. 

I signed up with so many PTC sites before, but now I am focusing with Clixsense and Neobux. Now, these sites aren't just PTC site we used know. They also offer different ways for you to earn money. Check them out. Links Below.  Similar sites I know zoombuck, swagbuck, buxp and many more.

Clixsense Link

Neobux Link

You might be wondering why I only put few sites here. This is because I already had my cash out with some of them. Thanks for reading!

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