Prolific Academic Review  

My Review as a Participant

I am writing this review for Prolific Academic because I now have a payment proof to show.
Survey sites offers rewards and cash as well as  Prolific Academic also give you reward for participating on a study. The usual survey sites are sometimes irritating because there are times that you'll be screen-out when you're about to finish the survey. This was based on my experienced when I joined different survey sites like GlobalTestMarket, SurveySavvy, SurveyMonkey and etc. In my country I received few surveys. Sometimes it took 2,3 weeks or even nothing in a month before survey invites appear in my email. It's sad that survey invites are few and the worst thing here is you'd be screened-out. Few Surveys and Screened-out is really irritating. Right? On Prolific Academic, there are no "screened-out" only "timed-out". You'll answer questions with limited time. But don't worry, the questions are simple and easy and Prolific will give you a reasonable time to finish the study. A 1 hour survey took me 15-20 minutes only to finish.

Now, let me discuss my newly discovered website where you'll get rewarded by participating on a study.

What is Prolific Academic? 

Prolific Academic is world's largest crowdsourcing community of people who love science. Their missions are  to empower scientific researchers and  to spread our passion for science.

How do you get paid?

Rewards that I usually get for every studies ranges from  £0.20 to  £3.20. I registered as a participant on June 10,2016 and received my first payout on July 21, 2016 amounting £7.1 just for answering surveys (academic studies). Not bad, right?

Payment threshold is £5.00. and if you want to minimize PayPal fees, then wait until you have accumulated £20. By doing so you will avoid PayPal fees if you're in the UK, but unfortunately you won't avoid them entirely if you're outside the UK.

Register at Prolific Academic 

Paypal is the only payment method available for Prolific Academic now. 
If you don't have paypal account. Signup Now.

How to become eligible for studies?

Studies depends on your Prolific Academic's Prescreening and maybe your location or demography. You will be asked different questions (similar to survey sites which asks you about Technology, Health, Travel, Name, Birth date and etc.). Your answers on Prescreening will be the basis of Prolific Academic to match a study for you. Again, it is based on the answers you had given on your Prescreening. 

I am from the Philippines and ever since I've started joining Prolific Academic on June 10 until today (my 46th day being a participant), I've already answered 10 studies.

The image above shows that I've already earned a total of £8.50 just for participating studies. I already cashed out my first earning before amounting £7.1.

See the image below for payment proof.
I cashed out £7.1 and only received £6.59 because of the Paypal fees.

Do you want to start earning money? Click on the link and register as a participant now.

Register at Prolific Academic 

.....How does it works?

According to their site, a researchers post studies and recruit the right participants fast. Participants earn rewards while helping to advance human knowledge.

I have  some screenshots on how the study works (Demo and the Actual Study).

Demo Study
Once you're registered to Prolific Academic, you can have an access to start a demo study to help you get familiarize on how it works.







It's very simple right?

Actual Study
Images below are how the actual study look like. I screened-shot it for you.

Once a study matched your Prescreening you will then see an Available Studies on your account.

I don't need to further explain on how the actual study work. Take time scanning the images below.








Read Carefully
Answer Honestly
Follow Instructions
There are questions that are tricky, just follow the instructions.

Thank you for reading my review for Prolific Academic.
Start Earning now.  

Register at Prolific Academic 

You can also donate your earnings to the charity.  If you have questions just post a comment. 

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