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COINS.PH : Review - My first time using it

When I first heard about bitcoin, I immediately went on my phone and started googling about its history, how it works, what it's for, and etc. After getting short information about bitcoin, I'd say I didn't get much interest to continue getting much information about it by that time because understanding its whole concept is a bit complicated and too advanced for me.

Days and days have gone by and  I've noticed that bitcoin is becoming popular. I've seen ads on social media, on the sites I visited and it's even featured on the television. No doubt, bitcoin is a now a trend.

With those observations, I again started to get familiarize about bitcoin. My searches started from bitcoin mining, where you can earn bitcoin that can be converted to real money that we used every day, bitcoin forex trading up to the financial services platform which is I am using right now - COINS.PH.

What is is an online financial services platform/e-wallet that can be use…

MTURK Philippines?

Is Mturk available in Philippines?

I have read a lot of questions from different websites if Mturk is available in the Philippines.

Mturk is actually available Outside the U.S. upon invitation.I'm from the Philippines and I received an invitation from them and now I started doing tasks. I'm not sure about the other countries though.

You can register now as a worker and might be rejected in the following days or weeks and chances to receive an invitation to do tasks from them is unpredictable. Waiting time takes too long based on my personal experience.
Now, is Mturk available in the Philippines?

My answer is, Yes!

Before I start explaining how I got accepted with Mturk, let me tell you what it's all about.
-Mturk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. It's similar to crowdsourcing sites or somehow you might want to consider them as one.
-Mturk Hits or Tasks are viewable when you open their website even if you're not registered or accepted as a worker. …

10 Relaxing ways to enjoy your Day Off at Home

Have a relaxing day at home, It's your day off! Day off is a day when you are not required to work. It's usually two days given by your employer and in some other companies, they only give one day. How do you celebrate your day off? Do you go out and watch a movie and eat out at lunch with your friends? Do you visit a place such as your friend's house or other places? You can do everything you want during your rest day. You are free from submitting reports, meeting deadlines and quotas, talking to clients or in short you are free from a stressful working. I got some tips on how to make your day off relaxing and enjoyable at home. These tips are the things I normally do during my day off. So, tomorrow is your day off? Will you celebrate it outside or at home? If you want to just stay at home then, I would like to remind you that before you go to sleep tonight kindly please "Turn off your alarm" and try the tips below when you wake up tomorrow.
1 Stay in Bed, Don&…

Tips on Saving Money

Are you ready to live on your own?
If you are planning in renting an apartment and decided to start living on your own and wonder how you can save money, you need some basic information and ideas on how to handle your everyday life while living without the help of your parents.

Living on your own means that the authority for budgeting your money for rentals, groceries, and payments for bills will be you. You can now be considered as the primary decision maker.
This can be hard if you don't know how to change your lifestyles when you are still living with your parents. Some lifestyles we might have may include buying expensive clothes, go out and party every weekend with friends or colleague, eating out at fancy restaurants and many others. We have these lifestyles because we are not worried about the monthly bills, rentals and the food we eat every day because our parents provide most of it. I'm sure you are most likely to share a small amount of penny with them.

Now that you a…

Prolific Academic My Review as a ParticipantI am writing this review for Prolific Academic because I now have a payment proof to show.

Most of us knew that survey sites offer rewards and cash. Prolific Academic also give you reward for participating in a study. Typical survey sites are sometimes irritating because there are times that you'll be screen-out when you're about to finish the survey. This was based on my experienced when I joined different survey sites like GlobalTestMarket, SurveySavvy, SurveyMonkey and etc. 
In my country, I received few surveys. Sometimes it took 2,3 weeks or even nothing in a month before I receive survey invites. It's sad that survey invites are few and the worst thing here is you'd be screened-out. Few Surveys and Screened-out are really irritating. 
On Prolific Academic, there are no "screened-out" but only "timed-out". You will answer questions with a countdown timer. But don't worry, the questions are simple and easy …