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MTURK Philippines?

Is Mturk available in Philippines?

I have read a lot of questions from different websites if Mturk is available in the Philippines.

Mturk is actually available Outside the U.S. upon invitation.I'm from the Philippines and I received an invitation from them and now I started doing tasks. I'm not sure about the other countries though.

You can register now as a worker and might be rejected in the following days or weeks and chances to receive an invitation to do tasks from them is unpredictable. Waiting time takes too long based on my personal experience.
Now, is Mturk available in the Philippines?

My answer is, Yes!

Before I start explaining how I got accepted with Mturk, let me tell you what it's all about.
-Mturk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. It's similar to crowdsourcing sites or somehow you might want to consider them as one.
-Mturk Hits or Tasks are viewable when you open their website even if you're not registered or accepted as a worker. …